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               Welcome to Sobrielo Philip Gene              DANCE WITH SOUL WEBSITE 

Hey all WELCOME to my web-site where I will try my very best to put in all my dances on step sheets and also on videos. You are welcome to ask me any question on dance. Sign in my guestbook if you like or add me onto your web links. I am grateful to those who have helped me with the other web-sites but i felt that I need to do one on my own. I will try my very best to insert places of where I would or have been travelling. Now that my  adopted kids are big which pictures you will see in the Photo gallery, i am able to travel lots more than i could 6-7 years ago..

I would also write about the places that I have taught and also visited. How i was treated and why you should go to those places. All this would be in my forums and would be up-dated as much as I can. I will add links of my dancing friends and the places they teach, you can be able to contact them if you like to see their dancing world.. Trust me the places and friends I know have different style of dancing and they have their unique way of teaching.

I will also try to write about the events I been, what happen during the events, other instructors there and the dances they taught and also friends I met along the way.. so in this way I can finally be able to share my experience and let those who I met know that I will remember who they are..